Having photographed his older sister a couple years ago, I was ecstatic when Melanie called me again to capture another child's senior photos.

Back in 2012, Gerard and I helped chaperone a youth group mission trip to the Cincinnati area and this family jumped in to serve a dear person to my family. Together, we beautified a church that my favorite home-care-nurse attends.

During that trip, Gerard earned the moniker "Pied Piper" because he led the boys in barbershop tags and all around silliness. Wes was at the front of that pack of silliness and Gerard remembers that he always had a slight mischievous grin as if he had just done something he probably shouldn't have. 

Thankfully, that mischievous grin accompanied him during our time together and we could barely get a straight face out of him. 

See what I mean? Some smiles and one barely serious....

Parents be forewarned: I am getting in the habit of photographing the parent who accompanies their senior on their shoot. Melanie has an awesome sense of humor and was doting over Wes the entire shoot. We had to make sure his bangs behaved and his eyebrows stayed put. :)

I love senior sessions because I often hop into their car or van and we meander around downtown looking for sweet, hole-in-the-wall places. This last place we stopped at was one we drove past and Melanie mentioned she liked the No Parking sign. Once we decided on Wes' last outfit, we knew it would pop nicely against the sign. We pulled a u-turn and made our way back-this is the result:

Wes + Melanie: Thank you so much for a lovely time. It was refreshing to catch up with you and what your family is doing these days (including, but not limited to baking crazy complicated cakes!) Wes, thank you for indulging your mom and me in numerous outfits, bangs' adjustments and eyebrow aligning. You were a trooper and it was a pleasure documenting this exciting time in your life. Best of wishes wherever you choose to attend college, but do know that Bulldogs are probably the better bet. ;) (Go Drake!) 


PS You can view the rest of our session HERE.