She arrived in a subdued flurry of activity, fully dressed and coifed, ready to go. Before their First Look, they had just a few notes to be exchanged, carried by messengers between the two of them. Jonanne & Alex gifted each other a handkerchief with an embroidered text. Alex asked Jonanne for "No ugly crying" and Jonanne asked Alex to, "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be." Alex wasn't above shedding a few tears himself throughout the course of the day's events and Jonanne was able to refrain from ugly crying. They celebrated their love with dear family and the closest of friends. Between their union becoming official and the absence of ugly crying, I'd say it was mission accomplished!

We headed outside for their First Look and it couldn't have been more beautiful weather!

Accompanied by her friends from the Des Moines symphony, including her stand partner of many years, Jonanne and her step-father walked down the aisle to beautiful music and I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the sanctuary.

Between their ceremony and reception, we had some time for less formal photos of the bridal party. To highlight Jonanne's job as a violist in the Des Moines Symphony, we headed downtown to the Civic Center Plaza and then on to Echo Valley Country Club. Then it was really time to let loose! Alex used to work at Echo Valley's Golf Course and knew the exact spots he wanted to use for his wedding photos. It was really fun to have a groom with a clear vision and ideas for his day! 

The chill night air ushered us into the club house for their Grand Entrance. These two were the sweetest to watch as they indulged in their sweet tooth and dance moves: 

I probably won't forget Alex's message to their guests for quite awhile. He's one of 8 children and his family moved several times, but each time they moved, Alex felt that he didn't necessarily need to make a lot of new friends at school-he already lived with the friends he needed. his siblings truly were and are his best of friends! Turning to Jonanne, he let their honored guests know that he couldn't wait to have that kind of a home with her too. 

It was quite possibly one of the tenderest groom's speeches I've witnessed and there definitely wasn't a dry eye in the place. 

Alex + Jonanne, 

To witness the way you love each other is the sweetest thing. The way Alex knows exactly how to whisper in Jonanne's ear to get a laugh and cheer her spirits and the way Jonanne knows how to comfort Alex to encourage's like the finest of wines. Thank you so much for letting me witness your beautiful day from behind my camera. It was an honor and a pleasure.



PS You can view their full gallery HERE and their awesome-sauce slideshow HERE (music for the slideshow provided by Peter Bradley Adams' 'Song for Viola' from

Vendors/Venues of Note: 

Ceremony: St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, West Des Moines, IA

Transportation: Absolute Transportation

Reception/Catering: Echo Valley Country Club