When this photo is the first out of the can, you know it's going to be a fantastic session:

I've photographed Pete + Jenni for several years now, before children came into the picture, and I'm so thankful for their friendship and support. I'm increasingly thankful that they produce such adorable kiddos who are so fun to work with! August "Gus" is 13-14 weeks old now and looks just like his dad (in my opinion). Ellen is just past 2 years and fun-loving, on-the-go!

On the run to celebrate a fantastic session!

Pete + Jenni, 

You guys rock and your kids are awesome. I'm so excited to see how Ellen and Gus look and act as they get older. What might be even more entertaining is watching them interact with each other. :) You guys are doing fantastically with them both-give them some hugs from me!


PS You can view more of their session HERE