"Carrie, he doesn't know how to sleep yet. I'm exhausted and out of creative juice to do his photos. Can you come?" After she had completed 90 hours of labor, ending in a c-section, I would do anything to help a mama out! Extra benefit? She was ok with Laidy having a playdate with her oldest, Judah. Done and done. 

With 9lbs 15oz to his credit, Elliot did not feel like a newborn and took some doing to fall asleep. The benefits of this is that we got  photos of him both awake and asleep during our time together. Check out these sweet moments: 

While Judah and Laidy worked puzzles and vroom-vroom-ed cars on the carpet, Pete & Sarah took turns swaying to get Elliot cozy, calm and comatose. While I thoroughly enjoyed the architecture in their home:

Once Elliot had calmed and closed his eyes, we grabbed a few of these:

Sweet Elliot could be Cloth Diapering's next poster child, couldn't he? :)

Pete + Sarah: Thank you so much for calling me! I had a great time documenting how little Elliot is right now (he'll never be this small again!) and your beautiful family of 4. I hope your recovery continues to go well, Sarah, and that sweet Elliot sleeps when it's actually dark outside. 

Judah: Thank you for playing with Laidy! She had a wonderful time with you, your cars, puzzles and Elmo. She even woke up after her nap calling out your name! You are a fantastic, helpful, older brother. 

Blessings to you all,

Carrie (& Laidy)

PS You can view the remainder of our session HERE