My camera is a great excuse to get to know people and sometimes I have the pleasure of being the fly on the wall to a relationship. I've now photographed Leah + Brian three times as their family has gone from 2 to 3 and each session, I've walked away impressed with how gentle and loving they are toward one another. When they talk to each other, usually in each sentence, there's some term of endearment used. "Honey", "Sweetie" is heard almost as much, if not more than, their actual names. If they approach parenting in any way close to how they approach their marriage, Colton will never doubt how much he is truly and dearly loved. 

Here's what we captured at his 6 month session. 

A few of Colt-the-man by himself:

As it was a blustery spring morning, we quickly nabbed a few more family photos and called this session D.O.N.E!

Leah + Brian: As always, it's a pleasure spending time with you! Thank you for having me back again and again. Can't wait to see all the things Colton's doing by the next time I see him!!



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