While we were in Utah visiting my side of the family over our Spring Break, we got the phone call: "Can you come?" I don't even remember who sent the initial message to us, the logistics happened so fast. Within an hour or so, we had flights booked to Nashville and we were lining up logistics at home to have things covered in our absence. It was an impromptu reunion on the Brogla side of the family to celebrate Easter, Life and Marriage. 

Our flight arrived on time Good Friday morning and we met everyone at Jason's Deli for lunch. (I feel like the apostle Mark saying this, but) Immediately afterward, we headed to Gerard's Aunt and Uncle's house for an Easter egg hunt for the Babies. Laidy has two boy cousins, ages 4 and almost 2 so it was perfectly fitting for them to track down those eggs! Especially, when she looks this excited about it:

The eggs were not only hidden, found and played with, they were props, entertainment and then hidden/found again and again. It filled our afternoon until a storm started to blow through and it was nap time.  We checked into the hotel and it was lights out until dinner time...

We spent dinner watching home videos of when Gerard & his cousins were little, which was hilarious, endearing, and touching all at the same time.  I feel like I got to meet his grandparents afresh even though they are both gone now. It was so fun to see Gerard get upset at a cousin for killing a worm as a 5 year old! ;)

The Saturday of Easter weekend, was dubbed "Family Picture Time" with a yummy catered lunch and more family movies watching. 

Sunday morning, early, most had to check out of the hotel and head home for work on Monday. What an amazingly fun time, if just for a short while! It was really fun as a parent to start Easter traditions with Laidy like the Easter Egg Hunt and at our home, we decorated eggs with stickers and made Easter cookies. Hopefully, we can keep these on-going!

Can't believe April's almost done!