His parents met on the campus of Central College in Pella, Iowa several years ago. A few years later, Heidi and Michael married in the campus' beautiful chapel. Charlie arrived on the scene last year around Tulip Time and ten days later, his gorgeous Mama walked across stage to graduate. Little did they know that when they first met, Michael and Heidi would be coming back to photograph their one year old where it all began! 

We scheduled our session for the day before Tulip Time was set to begin and Central College's campus was relatively quiet for all the activity going on in Pella's main square. I walked into the Chapel and I felt like I'd walked into a part of Europe with the architecture and instruments that greeted me. (The Organ-as-My-Minor-Instrument heart in me went pitter-patter!)

Heidi, Michael and Charlie came shortly after I arrived and they sweetly let me get to know Charlie with my camera: 

It might have been a little surreal to interact with their child in the very aisle Heidi walked down as a bride. It was definitely sweet for me to observe this family's story document another chapter in a place so inherently special to them. 

It was even sweeter to hear that where we were standing, they'd had wedding photos taken-especially below the 'Central College' arc. What a fantastic way to document their family as it grows and changes in the exact same spot! 

Heidi, Michael + Charlie: Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your sweet family! Charlie is a gem and so fun to work with. Next time, when it isn't Tulip Time, we'll have to try for the garden area too. Thank you for expanding my own repertoire of locations to shoot in and for telling me your awesome story!


PS You can view the remainder of our time together HERE