I've shared before that Lauren & I used to share pillow talk in college as roommates for a summer. We saw each other through rockier starts to each of our relationships with our husbands and now, we're sharing in the raising of our young children together.  Lauren & Shawn's third son, Zeke, is a little younger than Laidy; Christian is their sweet middle child and Nathan, the polite epitome of the oldest sibling. They were all charmers for the camera in our morning together. 

After getting the three boys together and individually, we added Dad & Mom in for larger groupings:

We let the boys run while we snapped a few of just Lauren & Shawn and then brought the boys back in...

Lauren + Shawn: Thank you so much for coming back year after year. It's so fun to watch your boys grow up and see how they've changed each time! Gerard & I look up to you both greatly in all areas--keep up the great work with your boys!



PS. You can view the remainder of our session HERE