I have had the fun of being a student alongside Laura and I could only imagine the kind of teacher she would be: if she was anything like she was as a student, her students would have a blast and not want to leave her classroom. A witty sense of humor, quick to encourage and sympathize, and an easy going personality have, I'm sure, prepared her well for parenthood alongside her partner-in-crime, Eric. 

After we nabbed a few family photos, we settled in on a few individual shots. This little cutie is one year old already and having a ball:

Catherine's older brother, James, is your typical on-the-move boy who loves just about anything you put in front of him. Unless it's a camera. ;)

I saved these family images from the beginning of our session for the very end, as they are making their announcement to the Facebook and Twitter world today. It appears that God has a witty sense of humor to match Laura's as she had just had a "No More Kids" Garage Sale...#oops! :) 

Laura + Eric: Congratulations!! Isn't it funny how God works? I know that you trust He will supply all that you need-in your parenting of three who are 3 and under-and to replace all of the items you sold! You two are fabulous parents and you're going to do fantastically well. 

I have no doubts,


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE