He was a first year professor my freshman year at Drake. I was the scared-to-be-away-from-home 18 year old, 1,800 miles from home and Dr. Saylor was the ever witty and hilarious music history buff whose delivery of information kept (most of) us spell-bound. His humor was often a bright spot in those first days of college and many will attest to the difficulty of his tests, but I really actually, appreciated them. They were clear-cut, straight-forward, and they made me work my tail off. I never knew what studying was until his drop-the-needle tests came into my life, but they trained my ear impeccably and I still use those skills today, 10+ years later.

I can only imagine how smart, witty, and hilarious his daughters are and will grow to be too. Gillian was born while I was at Drake, so imagine my shock when I'm told that she's TEN! Tamsin, bless her adorable heart, is a whopping 7. 

We started in one location along the river that runs through downtown Des Moines for the skyline in the background, then moved to individual photos of the girls and a few of just Eric (ahem, Dr. Saylor) and his lovely wife, Amy.

We then walked a little ways down to the skywalk for an even better view of downtown's skyline:

Eric (that's still weird btw), Amy, Gillian and Tamsin: Thank you so much for letting me take your photos! It was great catching up with you and seeing how things are going. Eric, if you need to commiserate once your girls enter the world of show choir, I will be happy to put you on a 12-step plan to get through it and enjoy it. ;) Amy, I hope your full-time status at the Salisbury House is off to a rousing start!!

Enjoy and blessings,


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