This little miracle girl is already ONE! Ava was so cooperative for the short time span we had together for her one-year-session. Over the course of Jason's lunch break, we did a bunch of different things and she had a blast, at least from my perspective! 

Each session, Ava's mommy, Jen, has done a slam-dunk job of finding props that mean something to their family. This chair is a perfect example: to make it extra meaningful, Jen added some flowers that were decoration in their wedding, then spray painted over everything for a cohesive look. With Jen's props, adorable baby chub and pearls? How could you go wrong?

We got Ava back in her original outfit to do more of just family photos. No props needed for this cuteness. :)

Jen + Jason: I can't imagine the stress it felt to do a photo session over your lunch break, but you guys did great!! Thank you for coming back again and again-I've thoroughly enjoyed documenting each of Ava's milestones along the way this past year. 

Blessings to you and good health!


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE