Dear Gerard, 

How in the world are we sitting at EIGHT already?! I feel like we just finished THREE, maybe FOUR. Eight years and a combined 10 of actually being your friend-that's ONE THIRD of my life!

I've heard "the seven year itch" mentioned by others a few times and to be honest, it's not an itch to find someone better. It's an itch to be better. Better for you, better for Laidy, better for our home. A better attitude when things are rough, sad, or downright ugly

When I think about what we've crammed into, and how we've spent, these past 8 years, I feel the sudden urge to make a list:

FIRST YEAR: Bought a house, re-landscaped back yard.

SECOND YEAR: Got a puppy, continued house projects, I got a job in Norwalk Middle School.

THIRD YEAR: You started your Master's Degree, trip to Italy, continue home renovations.

FOURTH YEAR: Finish Master's Degree, continue home renovations

FIFTH YEAR: Share our anniversary with the Iowa Games, continue home renovationsconceive a child.

SIXTH YEAR: Deliver aforementioned child. continue home renovations

SEVENTH YEAR: Celebrate it in California, receive word of a job shift on the horizon, thoroughly enjoy being parents.

Now, what does YEAR EIGHT entail? 

-15 credit hours to become MA + 15

-Head Director of the Vocal program at Norwalk High School

-Steady growth of photography business

-Putting down even deeper roots into the Norwalk community. 

-Raise a gorgeous little girl.

-Continue home improvements (When we bought our home, my dad told me that there'd always be something to do!)

I think that's enough, don't you honey? If we can cram that much into 8 years, how much more can we do in the next 8?!? 

Happy Anniversary!

PS Photo credit: Austin Day