Deb is a relative of another client/friend and I was happy to widen my friendship circle to Deb, Doug and their grown children. Backstory: the day we were to take photos originally, the radar showed that the clouds would overflow with rain right in the middle of our time together. So, I told the sitter she wouldn't need to come over to watch Laidy and rescheduled the session with Deb. After that communication was done, I checked the radar again, it showed that rain wasn't coming until 2 hours after our session was set to start! Drat! As a fellow teacher herself, Deb and I laughed when I said, "I'm so glad I'm not a superintendent making a Snow Day call!" 

Here's what we captured on the Worst-"Rain-Call"-I've-Ever-Made-Session. ;)

The sun was heading down and we played with the beautiful light beyond the trees:

A few of Deb + Doug's "kids":

Deb + Doug: Thank you so much for your patience with my "rain call" mistake! I so appreciate your sense of humor and flexibility. It was wonderful meeting your family and I hope you are off to a great start to the school year!