I have wanted to photograph these two since they became an item back in 2014. They made it official Dec. 6th of 2014 and with their wedding, all of Gerard's Barbershop Quartet members were officially off the market. Bethany's free spirit is the perfect compliment to Chris' more traditional nature so I'm super eager to see how their little Violet develops and who she more resembles in personality (and in looks).  Once they finally landed on a home for their quaint group of three, they were ready for some family photos to deck their halls and mail out on the Christmas card. I couldn't have been happier to fill a need. They have a long backyard and we highlighted both the back and front of their new home:

We couldn't ignore the leaves from that gorgeous tree, though Violet wasn't so sure of the texture of things...

Chris + Bethany: 

Words cannot describe what you mean to Gerard and me. We are so thankful to do life alongside you both and raise our children together! Thank you for your listening ears, wisdom, thoughtful questions that cause us to pause and think, and the way you love on us continually. We love you very much!!

PS You can view more of our time together HERE