When someone sees their strengths and looks to capitalize on them, you know they are bound to be successful and Russell is no different. Knowing that he excels in the sciences, specifically chemistry and physics classes offered at Norwalk High, he's seeking to major in that area to study toxicity levels, most likely at Iowa State University. Beyond that description, my brain is stretched to capacity already! Russell not only knows his sciences, but he knows music well too and we sought to highlight those instruments in our morning together.


We went from the high school to some spots downtown and I can honestly say, I've never photographed someone on a pile of tires. Russ makes it look fantastic!! :) 

Russell: Thank you so much for having me out to shoot your senior photos!! I had a blast using your musical instruments in new ways and coming up with creative things to highlight such a large part of your high school career.  I wish you all the successes college can offer to you as you seek to study toxins in our environment and keep us all safer!! I appreciate minds like your's that can do that task!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE