It seems that the two years that I've had a baby, the Behind the Scenes photos are infinitely more amusing and have fantastic stories behind them. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in, because this is going to be guuuuuuuude. ;)

We started the wedding season in March with Kelsi + Andrew as people were just figuring out I was pregnant. My camera Spiderholster didn't fit right, I was starving or thirsty half the time and this is where my outstanding second shooters come in to save my LIFE. Enter Austin Day. He knows his indoor lighting and for this rainy, chilly, day that was exactly the expertise I needed with Pregnancy Brain on the rage. I love the images he captures of not just me working, but of candids when I'm in another spot shooting...

Then, the season proper whipped up with family sessions on a blustery April morning and by blustery, I mean more than Winnie the Pooh-type-blustery. Do you see these Mamas hair going straight out from the gale-force winds? 

May warmed a bit and we were able to do more outdoor photography for weddings which is totally my style. For Jess + Ben's wedding day, I had Austin along again and he was the eager helpful friend that he always is. Among his duties that day were Pointer, Dress Fluffer, and Candid Capturer...

Some family candids involved Erin getting up on her counter top to nab some snacks for Truman mid-session, hanging babies upside down (with parent permission and instigation), taking directions from a 2 year old, baby boxing, sibling hilarity and completely cutting people out of photos....

By June, I was 32 weeks pregnant and definitely physically challenged to get some shots from a squatting position or low on the ground. So, enter another faithful sidekick for my wedding days this season: Colby Campbell... great butt shot eh? ;) It looks like, at this wedding, my main duty was Pointer from the shots Colby got! 

So, here's where the story gets good (and slightly dangerous). While getting in position to capture the bride's bouquet toss, I stood on a folding chair. I maintained balance right up until she threw it above her head and my chair folded in on itself. Thankfully, I was bouyed by the DJ's table right behind me and landed square on it, in front of his macbook, not crushing anything nor collapsing the table. To the regular on-looker, it appeared that I just decided to sit down. The DJ, his assistant and I were freaked out and my heart raced for a good 10 minutes at the thought of just how bad that could have turned out. Note to self: don't stand on a folding chair whilst 32 weeks pregnant ever again. Thankfully, Colby got the shot!

Next up are my beloved seniors! We pressed on through wind, sore cheeks from smiling, had helpful parents cleaning up the dust, squatty poses (my fault entirely), blinks, high (high!) heels, lost balloons as a prop (even on the second try!), goofy and smug faces that totally capture these darlings' personalities...

Some more family bloopers....getting hit in the face, getting squeezed super tight, diaper changes, hair pulling and hair fixing:

First wedding post baby and I loved Emily + Lucas' day! The fall colors were juuuuust right and I got to work with my two Sarah's as my second shooters for my fall weddings. One Sarah got these at Emily + Lucas' day, another Sarah worked with me on a November wedding and man! Can she be a human pretzel or what!?

And lest we forget this can sometimes be a family affair...Laidy photobombed a few times. The first was a senior session where I knew I was having contractions (in June) so I wanted Gerard to stay close just in case (and, let's be real, to carry my bag to help the contractions ease) so that meant Laidy tagged along too. The second photo bomb is at our dear friend's quick session at their home right before we were going to have dinner with them. Of course, Laidy wanted to be in Uncle Chris' lap! Man, am I thankful for understanding clients!!

Like I said, long but entertaining right? I tried to keep it concise! It's not always perfect or easy, but this corner of the blogosphere and my job of capturing people's achievements, Love and special moments sure has been a blessing to me and our family this year. 

Thanks everyone for a fantastic 2016! Here's to more fun, silliness, and awesome photos in 2017!!