I always knew her to be a very talented young lady, vivacious, hilarious, and refreshingly honest (some may say "blunt"). But, when I saw her perform as Rizzo in our high school's musical last fall, all of those descriptions paled in comparison to what she actually is: a knock out, confident and uber talented young lady who is going to take this world by storm. So, when she contacted me to photograph her for senior photos, I was humbled and truly thankful for the opportunity.

Hannah-you are a blast to be around!

We busted out her guitar (a hidden talent that I didn't know about)!

Next, we took a break from the heat inside her mom's place of work and had fun with the lovely wood backdrop: 

Refreshed by the AC, we ventured out once again and did our utmost to avoid the duck poop around this lovely pond. (A little behind-the-scenes-info for you...) Then, headed home to document her love of her pup and kitty before calling it a night!

Hannah-You are a remarkable young woman and I can't wait to see what you choose to set your mind to after high school. (I also can't wait to see the images we produce this fall with your shot put!!) Enjoy your summer and I'll see you after school starts up!!


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE