This family is so sweet to me and it feels like we just saw each other (even though it was waaaay back in June!) Little Miss Ellie is a whopping ONE already and doing pretty well at getting her feet under her. A mini session felt the right length for this occasion and Ellie did a fantastic job smiling for us, celebrating her first year.

When Adelaide turned one, I realized that parents make a big deal out of the first birthday because, while it is a celebration of a year with a sweet new life, it's also a victory lap that the parents made it too!! Steph and Andy seem to have thoroughly enjoyed the ride, laughing all the while Ellie grips Daddy's hair, or picks his nose. :)

Steph + Andy: Congratulations!! You made it!!! I'm not sure that parents hear it enough, but you are doing a fantastic job and Ellie is a wonderful little person. See you on the other side of tax season in April!!


PS You can see the rest of our time together HERE