Oh how sweet this family is! You meet Allison and when you find that she's a teacher, you know instinctively that she must be kindergarten or 1st grade. She's gentle, sweet, calm and absolutely incredible with her children. I was so excited for her when I learned that she and Rob would be welcoming a baby girl to their home.

There's something different about a late November or December baby as we anticipate celebrating Christ's birth and little Ms. Molly was on the cusp of December, so she "counts" in that category in my mind. We waited a little bit to do her newborn photos to allow the family time to adjust and Allison time to heal from a c-section. My priorities with a newborn session are Mama's comfort, ease and baby's safety above all else. And waiting produced some incredibly precious results:

We gave big bro Charlie a break after a few of his portrait shots. He was celebrating his own birthday shortly after photos wrapped, so he was pretty anxious for some cake!

After some photos of just Rob & Allison with Molly, we brought Charlie back in. Oh, this girl will have fun!!

Some of Rob and just the birthday boy:

Rob + Allison-Thank you so much for having me out to document your family at this special time! I hope you are getting more sleep and enjoy your Christmas season!!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.