Honestly, I never thought I'd see this family again! I photographed their sweet crew YEARS ago. They brought their two girls, their puppy and on their way to our time together, they backed into their garage door! When that kind of a memory is associated with family photos, I didn't blame them for not coming back the next year! :) 

So, when Colleen contacted me last summer to photograph Ellen's senior photos, I was floored and saddened-I was on maternity leave and my fall was booked! We touched base again to schedule family photos in the spring, had to reschedule due to rain and almost lost our rescheduling because of rain again. I would not be deterred! We met at Waterworks Park and as the storm rolled in, we snapped photos super quickly-I had 30 minutes, at most, before the downpour was to start! 

Colleen and Johnny rolled up in the same mini van, sporting a little rust spot as a scar from its run-in with the garage door all those years ago. When their girls got out, I was floored, again, to see what lovely young ladies they've become!

Ellen and Claire were such sweethearts! I was thankful to learn they were still pursuing music and fun activities through 4H, gearing up for the state fair in August. And then we started feeling little rain drops, so we kicked it into high gear! 

In the photos right above of just the girls, you can even see the rain drops falling in front of my lens. We hustled back to our cars just in time before the cloud broke open for the remainder of the morning! 

Colleen + Johnny: Thank you so much for braving the storm clouds and knocking this outta the park so quickly!! You guys are the best and I'm so thankful that no further damage was done to your van in the process. ;) Best of luck this summer with 4H exhibits, Ellen, and Claire-enjoy the stage with show choir!! 



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.