Her Mama has done so much for our family that I was elated when she asked me to do her senior photos. Finally! Finally, I could somewhat repay her good service to our family. Alexis' mom is a nurse for our family doctor and has done so many favors when it comes to our health! I had a blast working with Alexis on making her session come to life and Sonya did a fabulous job of bringing huge props to suit Alexis' interests. Namely, the family's motorcycle and a friends' '49 Chevy truck. What fun to photograph!! 

We used every square inch of that motorcycle and just as Alexis was heading to change outfits, here rolls up a 1949 Chevy truck. I'm assured that everything in it is new. Key word: IN it. The outside, well....it's well loved. :)  I felt like I was meeting Mater from the movie 'Cars'. And I'm not sure how much more "Iowa" you can get than a vintage vehicle, jean material and cowgirl boots!!

We headed back to the way back of Waterworks Park. That storm that finished my family session early? Well, it downed this tree in the back of the park and was an awesome backdrop for Alexis!! I make lemonade out of lemons all the time...;) 

Sonya: I hope I've done Alexis justice!! And Alexis-girl, you just upped the anty as they say for props on a senior session! I wish you all the best as you pursue canine law enforcement! How incredibly special.

Blessings on your senior year and every day,

PS You can view more of our time together HERE.