They used to talk about Blues Clues and Power Rangers. Now their conversations have morphed to include colleges, majors' options, and physics. Oh, the excitement of physics! Cooper has recently really enjoyed physics and is taking higher level coursework in that area next year, anticipating an engineering degree of some kind in the future. Moving from physics to his more physical activities, we met at Norwalk's stadium to highlight Cooper's sporting career since freshman year. Namely, football, baseball and basketball...

It was a beautiful morning, making me fall in love with the idea of 6:30am sessions. We tried to get the stadium in Cooper's shots from just about every angle: 

We were on a somewhat limited time frame since Cooper had football practice this particular morning, so we scurried downtown (beating rush hour!) and hit some great spots, using morning light. :)

Cooper (& Christie): Thank you so much for having me! I consider it an honor to play a small part of your senior year's story. Best of luck with your final year of each of your sports-I especially look forward to hearing of your successes as the football season rolls out this fall!! Hope you go to the Dome!!



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.