It seems a blink ago that I could barely keep up with her oldest, James, and now he's the leader of this pack of three! While his younger siblings were getting to know their surroundings, James was ready and rearin' to go for his close-up and we nabbed it right out of the shoot! Drew was curious about my camera and that curiosity helped get his close up too!

Once everyone had become acquainted with the grass and huge running space we had all to ourselves, we gathered for the family shots and these are probably my favorite of Laura + Eric's family to date!

We gave the boys a break and got some of just Laura & Catherine. This sweet girl has had a roller coaster of a start to her life and doctors are still working to figure things out. I felt it especially important to give Laura some documentation of sweet cuddles and loving moments. The strength Laura shows as a Mama Bear fighting for her girl is an incredible example to me.

We let the kiddos run and grabbed a few of Laura & Eric. I say "a few" because in a red-hot-second, the herd was heading towards a street. So we steered the little ducklings to some water and got a few candids too. :) 

Laura + Eric: Thank you so much for having me again!! It's so refreshing to spend even a brief time with you both and your little brood is adorable. They did SO WELL!! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!!!



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.