I have worked alongside Jen for HOURS each year in just a few short weekends' worth of Upwards Basketball team photos for our church. I'm always so thankful for her company! So, naturally, when I found out there was someone special in her life, I eagerly awaited the phone call when he popped the question and they got to pop in front of my camera. 

We started at Principal Park area partly because Jacob loves sports and partly because it was among the very few places that had green grass in Des Moines at the time. (talk about drought!) Jen brought her pup along for the fun (and a friend to hold the leash when we were done with Bella's part!). 

A few slobbery kisses (from Bella, not each other) later and we walked over to the river walkway/bike trail. I love this spot because there isn't any vehicle traffic with a great view of downtown. This part was safe, for sure. It's the following adventure we took that was semi-questionable. :)

Yup, we ventured into the river itself since it's been so dry and there were awesome log dams that had developed as a result. Our shoes were full of sand, yes. But I'd say it was totally worth it!

After a quick outfit change, we used another spot near the walk/bike trail bridge, minus the sand. :)

Jacob + Jen: I cannot wait to see how things unfold for you in April!! Thank you so much for having me out with you for photos, for taking risks and trusting me and my eye to capture you two as you seem to me-totally in love and having tons of fun together. Get ready for the wild ride that is Marriage!! Just like our adventure into the river-you may get some sand in your shoes and be uncomfortable at times, but the results are totally, unquestionably worth it!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.