I gushed about these two and their kids in my previous post, so I won't repeat myself here, but suffice it to say, Steve & Kirsten are two pretty amazing people and Gerard & I can't wait to go have dinner with them sometime soon! :) 

We started their family's session at Noce Jazz Club while we wrapped up Elliott's senior session. I LOVED the back room of Noce and could've shot there all day, but we also wanted to hit the Capitol building before it closed too....

We headed to the capitol straight away and Wednesdays must be pretty quiet days legislatively, because no one else was in the building! Can you guess which kids belong to Steve and which to Kirsten? I totally wouldn't have been able to tell myself!

I love the inside of the Capitol-it's a beautiful building with really great light-it's a matter of leveraging it without blowing out my histogram... :) Sadly, the library was locked. As my Mom always says, "Leave something to do for next time!"

Since we had done so many close ups of Elliott that morning and afternoon, we did some headshots for the remaining three: Ellie, Isaac, & Bryson were a hoot. I loved seeing Ellie's fiesty vivacity come out as the solo lady of the crew. 

One last shot in the tropical heat/humidity before we called it a day and ran for the AC! 

Steve + Kirsten: I'm totally serious about going out to dinner soon! No joke. You guys are wonderful to be around and I hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer!

PS You can view more of our time together HERE