Oh my goodness, this family is so fun to hang out with! I met them two years ago through an ad I placed in the NICHE magazine (one of Iowa's homeschooling resources) and I wasn't sure if I'd see them in front of my camera again. We had a great time last time and caught up where we left off this time! Angie and Eric feel like old friends with easy conversation and their girls are such lovely young women. I'm excited to see how both of their older girls enjoy their Fall season at college. Elise and Celia are within driving distance, so I'm sure they'll bring home laundry every once in awhile. But I'm also sure that Eden and Ceris will enjoy more space at home! ;)

We moved to another spot in Grey's Lake park and enjoyed the ivy-covered backdrop!

At our last session together, Eden was heading to college and we did a few senior photos. Now, it was Celia's turn and I'm so excited to hear of her endeavors in Art Therapy in Nebraska! 

A few last ones of the family altogether! 

Erik + Angie (& Girls): Thank you so much for having me out to photograph your sweet family again! As I look back on your session 2 years ago, the girls have grown up so much. I look forward to hearing of Eden's successes in show choir, Celia's & Elise's successes in college and I know Ceris is going to tackle middle school like a pro. 

Best of everything for this school year!

PS You can view more of our time together HERE.