Jaden is one of the first seniors I scheduled for the season and he knew right where he wanted to start his session-the Capitol-where he's been a lot this past school year, advocating for issues about which he's most passionate. He's headed to Princeton for a seven-week leadership program and when he filled me in on it, I wasn't in the least surprised...

As an incoming 7th grader, Jaden attended the summer band camp that I took Norwalk students to and he told me by mid-week that he'd come back every year and then be a high school helper when he aged out of it. I could see the seeds of leadership building in him then, so to hear he's involved in politics and student leadership at NHS...I find myself nodding in agreement, in awe to watch this young man grow into who he is. 

As we were visiting after a high school band concert in May, Jaden was talking to friends about their senior photos and Ana piped up. Together, we landed on a date, time and starting location within 5 minutes. This Duet Session was an absolute joy to document and they did a fantastic job sharing moments in front of my camera (as did their parents!). 

We headed over to the Botanical Gardens for a quick stop with their outdoor sculpture options and then headed down towards Cownie Sports Complex.

In some ways, these two look the same as they did in 6th grade and in others, they've grown so much as young adults. Jaden, I know you're going to do great things whether you land at Princeton or not. Your leadership, encouraging heart and witty humor will gain you friends anywhere you go and I'm so proud of the responsible and informed citizen you have become. Keep asking good questions and don't stop till you get the truthful answers. 

Blessings on everything, 

Mrs. K.

PS You can view more of our time together HERE.