I got an email from Kyla a week prior to her session and mentioned it to Gerard. “She’s just now contacting you for her session?” he questioned and I replied “No, Jenna [her mom] talked to me about it way back in March/April.” “Oh, that’s more like Kyla.” :) Kyla definitely has a clear path for what she wants and is going after it. Prior to her senior year starting, she knows she’s attending Cedarville in Ohio for Music Education-Vocal. But she also has a love for all things Color Guard and it was that part of her band experience that we sought to highlight throughout her photos on this early morning. Check out her family’s favorites below!

We headed to Easter Lake Park and the cloud cover was our best friend to make some great portraits happen!

A few more close up and dressier:

The coolest part of attending Cedarville? It’s her sweet Mama, Jenna’s, Alma Mater too!

A few last ones highlighting Color Guard:

Kyla: Your maturity is beyond your years, your organizational skills and vision for future endeavors will take you far even beyond the collegiate years, and I know Gerard will greatly miss your vocal skill and agility. I sometimes catch him muttering as he’s planning for the school year, “What am I going to do without those girls?” Once again, the Class of 2020 is going to be a tough group to replace, if it’s even possible. We are both so thankful for your commitment to and your huge contribution to both sides of the music department and will soak up every last bit of your senior year right along with you and your parents!

Blessings on your next adventure!