When I received her mom’s initial email inquiry, I asked Gerard if it was “the girl who has awesome biceps in show choir”, and by golly, it was! One of the show choir action shots of Annika from this past season caught her in a split second of a pose that was the perfect arm flex and girl!, she is ripped! Annika is the epitome of small but mighty, and gorgeous to boot inside and out. When we saw that the projected high temps for her senior session time was going to be terribly hot, we switched gears to an early morning shoot, giving her about 12 hours to prepare outfits, accessories & nails upon her return from a trip to New York.

We started at 6:30am and captured a few on the golf course near Annika’s home, honoring her high school career in cross country:

We drove into downtown and I based our backdrops off of her outfits for our time together. Annika loves New York City and we thought it appropriate to capture some of downtown Des Moines to honor that love as well.

From there, we headed to the Trestle Bridge by the Police Headquarters and I loved how the red of her top went right along with the accents on the bridge!

In the photos above, we also found a garage door in an alley way that said “Do Not Block Thank You” and while I cropped out the “Do Not Block” portion, we kept the “Thank You” so she can use it for thank you cards in graduation season :)

We ended the season with her sweet pups: 10 year old Friday on the right and spunky, young Faith on the left. Friday’s expression reminds me of Napoleon Boneapart for some reason! lol

Annika & Deanna: Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to photograph this season of your life! I had a blast working with you and selecting your favorites. I wish you all the best in your senior year and your plans beyond!



PS You can view Annika’s favorites HERE.