You know those random ideas you get in the middle of the night? The middle of your shower? or while you’re brushing your teeth? This shoot is one of them and it started with the question, “How can I get Caia in front of my camera? I would love for her to be a CKSenior.” Both she and her sister had taken my photography class at NHS and their mom is an elementary teacher in Laidy’s building. It seriously was a match made in heaven. My plan was hatched and I gave Jackie a call.

We agreed it’d be an educational shoot, a mini senior session since Caia already had had some taken while at camp as a counselor all summer. I would teach both girls about how I pose and work with a client and review with Cadyn composition, manual mode settings and all the other things we’d touched on in my photography class. These two girls, while sisters, are also the best of friends, so I really think they thoroughly enjoyed themselves in our brief time together. My only regret? We should’ve started earlier in the evening since our cloud cover took our sun away too soon. But Cadyn knocked it out of the park! All of these photos of Caia are her’s, while mine are the Behind the Scenes of Cadyn “shooting” Caia. What a blast!!

I can totally picture Caia being a Panther apparel model, can’t you?

We hustled to another side of downtown and really had to work on how to leverage the light left in the day since it was partly shaded by trees and buildings. (The one of Caia under the awning may be mine, but the rest of these are all Cadyn!)

On a last ditch effort to try something new and end my #CKSenior season with a bang, we went to the water feature by the Civic Center and in between bikers doing tricks through the water, we caught some great expressions from Caia:

Ladies: It was a pleasure-an absolute joy working with both of you! I love the questions you ask, your intentionality behind your actions and decisions, not to mention your style. (Can you come clothes shopping with me and help a girl out?!) :) Thanks so much for agreeing to this educational shoot and I hope you gained a lot out of it!


Mrs. Krupke

PS You can view Caia’s favorites and more Behind the Scenes HERE.