This little girl, who arrived well ahead of her due date, is a vivacious and fiesty THREE!! From the newborn peach fuzz on her head that I once documented, now sprout two adorable pigtail buns. Her eyes are the same bright blue and those dimples! They're still there too, and charming everyone she meets. We had a ball in her twirly dress, picking flowers, flying through the air (we caught a few photos of her feet totally off the ground!) and enjoying snuggles with both Jen + Jason. AKA, Mama and Daddy. :) 

Whenever I have Mama and Daddy kiss on a photo session, inevitably, kiddos want to join. This sweet family has "family kisses" and Ava couldn't resist!!

Nothing sweeter than flying with Daddy!! (above) and snuggles from Mama:

Jen + Jason: Seriously? This little newborn who clocked in at 4lbs is now THREE!?! How does that happen?! You guys are doing so well with her and I can't wait to see how she grows. Enjoy your summer-I'm sure you'll have lots of bouquets of flowers from a special little someone. :) 


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.