I remember my senior portrait session quite vividly-the trip to the salon to have my hair done well with its frizzy curls to be put under control and out of their misery, the tears afterward because she used hair spray and NO mousse, and the 30 minutes in the studio with two top changes and two prop changes. Yup, that exhausting trip to the salon only to be disappointed and all for just 30 minutes. The end result? My hair's red highlights came out under the camera lighting and I looked like an "under-cover" red head in the yearbook photo. Bummer.

So, when Elizabeth asked me to take her senior photos I jumped at the chance to give someone a better experience than what I'd had. Girl, we definitely covered way more ground and took a lot longer than my session!

We started in the church building with her athletic activities included.

Then we headed to my favorite Fall Wall and beyond to a little tributary to the Raccoon River. (My geography teacher would be so proud! Just look at that vocabulary!)

We finished with a jaunt to Valley Junction area and used all the vintage looking things we could find. I love how they trimmed up this alley off the main road-the red wall is one of my new favorite places to go! Love the color!

I do believe we exhausted all the options Ms. Elizabeth. I hope you can speak confidently of your senior portrait experience and look back on your portraits fondly. Good grace in the college selection process and I know God will lead you to the right decision. I'd love to have you be my nurse some day!

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