You know it's cold when:

You become excited at the news of temps in the 30s.

You begin to debate if it's too over-the-top to put layers on. For your hands.

Cuddle-duds become a staple in your wardrobe.

You know you need a shower by how itchy your skin is.

You scratch your arms and legs and neck and back raw. And it feels good!

You bring two pairs of shoes to work-boots to get into work and heels to wear while at work.

You wear heels for two purposes: to be fashionable and to stick into the ice to ground yourself as you walk.

A shopping trip feels like a luxury because you get to be out of the house.

You're thankful for re-frozen slush so that your car has traction.

Your dog has snowballs as ornaments when she comes in from outside.
Happy Melting!
Happy Friday.