I first met Melissa (Myssie) on the side of an ultimate frisbee field while we watched our significant others compete together. Gerard was their unspoken team captain and Justin was a vital member of the team. Sitting on the sidelines, I'm the unspoken team photographer and Myssie asked me, "Do you do this for the team or do you do this for real?" I told her shyly that I do this for real and gave her my business card silently praying that she'd like the wedding photos I had already posted to this blog. I kept her date marked on my calender even before she contacted me in January to do their wedding.
  I asked Gerard to describe Myssie to me as both Myssie and Justin were graduates of the school district where he and I teach. "She's the one always do-ing stuff for other people. She follows through on her word and people count on her for help." I found out when I met Myssie at the church, that she takes after her mom. A month away from the Big Day, Myssie's mom made her wedding dress...in a W-E-E-K. The women in this family DO things and get them DONE. As I watched Myssie and her bridesmaids getting ready, true to form, Myssie was helping others get ready while she needed to be do-ing the same for herself. Trying to corral needs of others, she was going to be late to her own wedding, until we got her out the door. (I think the main reason we were able to stop her from helping people was because she wanted to see Justin more!)

Their First Look was precious! 
A few of the bride:
When we came back to the church to meet the bridal party,
Myssie finally got the attention a bride should get!
The ring bearer and flower girl were adorable interacting
with each other (again, the benefits of having nieces and nephews!)

  Of the frisbee players in the bridal party, their jumps didn't impress me nearly as much as the 7-months-pregnant bridesmaid! (she's the far right maid...)

This next picture is when Justin posed the idea of getting
about 15 minutes together before the ceremony just to calm
each other before the main event. But, the thing I love about
this picture is the calm that is already in their faces. They were
together, and each others' presence was enough.
Once inside and awaiting the ceremony...the ring bearer got a pep talk from Grandma.
This picture of the candle lighting makes the process look really easy,
but I will just say that this ceremony was the most entertaining
one I've been to in awhile. Our flower girl had really good lungs and blew one
of the candles out! Then the wick of the unity candle was really short
and wouldn't light. But, ever the do-er, Myssie made it work.
Bubble send-off:
Look out Myssie, incoming!

Myssie is a fan of black and white shots, so I thought I'd oblidge:
Daddy/Daughter Dance

First Dance

Bouquet Toss
For those younger eyes watching, avert them and scroll past this next shot.
Myssie knew Justin was up to something by his facial expression
before he went on his hunting expedition for the garter...
Then Father of the Bride intervened...jokingly of course:
 Here are some of the details of the day to enjoy: (click to enlarge)
Myssie & Justin: Know that Gerard and I are always here for you
(and Gerard is here not just for frisbee coaching.)
We're praying for your house purchasing process and
that God would richly bless your marriage!

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