Anticipating this weekend for months, my sister finally arrived with friends in tow for a big event in Des Moines this past weekend. Katie is a personal trainer and has been assisting her friend Kris get ready for a body building-figure-competition. Katie was going to compete herself, but plans changed and she wasn't able to do so. Katie & Kris arrived late Thursday and over a plate of broiled chicken breast and some asperagus, I got to know Kris and the process of training for such a grueling event. I also got a taste of Katie's life since she first competed in England while stationed there. Late night to bed (you don't want to miss any time with a sister!) and then work on Friday...Katie and Kris graciously sat through Gerard's final rehearsal before Large Group Contest and when I arrived home from work, the baking began-peanut butter protein balls for Kris and Katie, vanilla sugar cookies for me. :)
Kris' family arrived for a late dinner at Texas Roadhouse (since Kris could finally have a steak!) another late night to bed, and Kris' competition in the morning. Gerard and I had tickets to the evening show because that's where competitors show off their routine to music and play with the crowd a tad. My mother always told me that I'd go ga-ga over any studly man that passed by my crib as a baby and my childhood dream came true! This is what I got to gawk at for 5 hours:
Kris did very well herself:
Kris with Katie, her tan is from lotion-y paint, not from a tanning bed. The darker your skin the easier it is for the judges to see the striations in the muscles.
On Sunday, Katie, Gerard & I ventured up to New Providence for church and Mother's Day brunch at Aunt Alice and Uncle Paul's on our family's century farm. My dad grew up in this house from age 5 and beyond so Grandma Malo never announced a pregnancy there. Aunt Alice and Uncle Paul had already had their kids from separate marriages when they moved in, so she never announced a pregnancy there. Maybe a cousin or two had announced over a brunch with the family and someone decided to start/possibly continue the tradition!

Gerard: "Alice, everything tastes so good, my only regret is that I have only one stomach
Katie: "Haha. Good thing I have two!"
Cousin Kay: "Wait, What? Two stomachs??!!"
Katie: "Yup. Eric and I are expecting and I'm due in late September."
And there was much rejoicing.....

FINALLY. FINALLY I have permission to let you know!!! Katie found out in February and against all things in my nature, I kept it locked up from public posting. (Though I do admit I coveted close friends' prayers.) I'm going to be an Auntie!! Happy Mother's Day Katie!
We'll find out if it's a boy or girl when Eric gets back from Afghanistan. They'll open the ultrasound envelope  on the tarmac where he lands. Can't wait till late May!! :)

After brunch, we made our way to another cousin's house for some farm fresh eggs and ditch fresh asperagus. On our way there, we stopped by New Providence's cemetery where our great grandparents, grandparents and other family are buried to wish Great-Grandma Carrie (my name's sake) and Grandma Malo a happy Mother's Day as well.
When the Williams sisters get together, we have to take at least a few photos for our own Mom:
Happy Mother's Day!!