May 2010. A month of surprises, disappointments and enough adrenaline to last me the 1500m swim event in the Olympics. But God is good, faithful and revealing to me in many ways. Those ways are sometimes Big Whoppers that smack you across the face and others are quite whispers  that really get me thinking. It's also been a time for me to actually take time and soak up the changes happening in our family lately like a "shammy" when you wash your car. Soak it up and wrench out the water only to be used again.

Before June cranks up with weddings and babies, I wanted to take some time to reflect on what I've learned from quietly observing God's most loyal creation, my dog, this past month of May.

1. Help someone smile with your presence every day.
2. When you're spending time with someone, be all there and give plenty of face-to-face time.
3. Be on your guard and observant to your surroundings (for the devil prowls about like a lion...)
4. Sing along even if you don't have a singing voice.
 (Ella "sings" with Daddy all the time! Look at that 'o' vowel!)

5. When someone is sad, get up in their face to show them what's still good in this world.
6. Respect the Alpha Male in your life.
(No, I don't bow to my husband or lick his shoes literally, but it's a reminder of respecting him!)
7. Share with friends.
8. Sometimes it's ok to turtle up in your safe place, but do come out eventually!

9. Don't feel guilty for relaxing.
10. Always greet Daddy exuberantly when he comes home.

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