It is always an honor to be asked to take pictures of a family or a friend's special event. There's something about photographing a newborn that is totally different. The shoot is on his schedule and based on his needs. These shoots have given me a glimpse into parenthood and have (hopefully) been a blessing to my friends as their families expand.

Baby Zachary had a very rapid entry into this world, going from head crowning to mother's chest in one push. While he had a rather harsh beginning, he has certainly softened in his first two weeks and stolen his parents' hearts. This sweetie will eventually be fairly tall as both of his parents are at least six feet tall. He has a lot of growing ahead of him! Welcome to the world, Zach!

"He is figuring out how to make sound, so he'll scream once and then be as content as a clam."
Zach went from the above picture to this in literally a few seconds:
It made quite an impression to see my reflection in another's eyes. Can you see it?
I especially love the peach fuzz and wrinkles!
(and belly buttons!)

My personal favorite of the shoot: