Cindy & Greg. Greg & Cindy. I described in this post their wonderful chemistry as they're both pharmacists. Their wedding day was no different and I got a deeper look at who they are as a couple after having watched them as individuals for several years.

Calm, cool and collected under changes in events or their venue losing power, Cindy was chillin' in the sound booth of our church trying to call the grounds keeper of their outdoor venue. Swiveling in her chair, she was seemingly not worried at all. Her main concern? "We're sharing the Gospel so we have to be heard today." And "Pastor Terry is doing 3 messages on Sunday so we don't want him to strain his voice." Not a word of "It's my wedding day! Why aren't things working!?" Not a hint of Bridezilla. I can't speak as to what Greg was up to while we were in his sound booth home, but he'd been chill the entire day up to that point for sure!

I am unceasingly in awe of the ease of my brides and grooms, thankful for a stress-free day, hanging out with my friends as they make a life-long commitment to each other. Here is their day.

They knew their outdoor location would be a little "buggy", so Cindy brought a mosquito net-a.k.a. her veil! Here, they are taking a slight retreat from the bugs.
After their First Look, Justin and I split up and I got the ladies: at left, one of the bride's sisters and at right, one of her personal attendants.
Justin & me at work:
And only at our church would people have a Tug-Of-War match in formal wear:
Then Justin and I switched things up and mix-matched the guys and gals.
We brought things back to the church for family shots and I love the light in our prayer tower so while I posed Cindy, Justin went to work. Here's my angle:
Here's what Justin got:
While the gentlemen worked the power outage at their ceremony site, Cindy was to arrive in a bright red convertible. Unfortunately, her driver couldn't find reverse on the stick to get out of the parking spot. So, his wife, the ever-resourceful Jessica, pumped her muscles, backed him up, and we arrived ahead of schedule to get Cindy down the aisle.

During the ceremony:
I got to play with Justin's Fish-eye lens:
Now, the First Kiss usually has some fun facial expressions, but Pastor Terry's I think takes the cake!
Onto the partaaayy!
Dancing with Dad & Step-Dad:
Some additional details: (click to enlarge)
No matter the changes our Lord brings to Cindy & Greg, I know He will bring them through it. He has built them to complete the other. Just as hydrogen and oxygen work together to make water, I have confidence they will work together for a huge result for His Kingdom.
Prayers for the path He has for you,
Much love and God's blessings,