It's four feet to wipe when it rains, snows or our neighbor waters their lawn and inherently, then, our lawn. It's a lot of shushing when a bird, butterfly or moth fly past the window. Squirrel! It's getting pounced on in the morning with two feet on your chest and a tongue up your nose because she's been waiting so long for you to join the party. It's a ball of nerves when little ones are around because she doesn't do so well with them. . . yet. It's utter hilarity when she's fixated on the events happening in the TV, especially if one of her friends is on. It's a lick on the face to wipe away the tear, just because she likes the taste of your saltiness. But you find it comforting. It's having a cheerleader on the sidelines even though she has no idea how the game is played.

It's feeling like a Queen when she bows to you so she can lick your feet. It's disciplining when it's hard to stay consistent with the rules. Because really, how hard is it to say, "No." to this face?