She sat behind him in freshman music theory class at UNI and realized how out of shape she was when he mentioned going running. Neither admitted to the other exactly how long it had been since the last run but put on a brave front to go running with the other. Nick apparently "almost died" but they tried again two days later and it got easier. Nick would say that he spotted Elaine from the tuba section while she energetically tackled her clarinet part.  I can say that she energetically played because that's Elaine, she does everything with extra "umph" as does Nick. They both graduated with music education degrees and soon married, both attaining jobs in their dream career of music making.  And because they pour themselves into creating music in their separate jobs it only made sense that they create something together. Now, they both run after Carson.

Nick and Elaine trusted me with this Little One for his second Christmas and I can't believe that he's 3 already! We've used their home with gorgeous natural lighting to make me happy, a park to make Carson happy and now, my husband's '49 Pontiac to make everyone happy. Though rain threatened, it provided a nice softbox for us outdoors and held off long enough for us to get what we wanted:

 Carson has been able to do puzzles for well over a year now at record speeds. Here he is focusing, thinking and then proudly displaying that he got it!
We took off for a small, shaded park where Gerard could park the Pontiac. Carson loved finding all the buttons, gears and of course, the horn!
Once Carson had thoroughly explored the Pont, what'd he do? Went running of course!

Nick & Elaine, it's been so fun watching Carson grow up and entertaining to hear Nick's stories about him at work. I hear pride in his voice every time he talks about Carson and I know that this is probably a wonderfully wild ride for the two of you in raising him. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of documenting your family.

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