Becky welcomed me into her home in the months between college graduation and marriage for me in 2007. She haltingly welcomed Zac into her circle of friends in the past couple years without giving him a second thought. But, as God changed both of them, molding them into the people He wanted them to become, Zac started to look more appealing. Becky immediately went to her Father and her earthly father for guidance. Both gave her the go-ahead. So, when Zac approached her to date with serious intentions in mind, she welcomed him, more permanently, into her life. Despite being a fan of the NY Yankees, her family welcomed him in as well.

A few photographers I follow online say that they love when a bride becomes a friend. I love it when a friend becomes a bride. When they ask me to photograph their big day, I show up as a friend with a fancy camera and I love the part I play in being by their side for a large part of the day. Whether it's bustling the dress, getting her shoes on, popping a bobby pin to tuck a curl away or getting her water, I love my friends who become brides. I arrived early to help and watch Becky get ready. I could see her getting overwhelmed when the dress came over her shoulders and we asked her what was wrong. She was thinking of her grandma that had passed away . . .You can see the overwhelmed feelings, the peace only God can bring and then the joy of the realization that "this is my wedding day!"
Becky is one of my favorite red-heads and with her skin tone, she looked drop dead gorgeous in an ivory dress. This was an absolutely perfect fit for her. At their First Look, Zac was the first groom I'd seen who didn't take a look around his entire bride and her dress. For him, it was more than enough that his bride was at his side. I could see the tension leave Becky like a sweeping exhale once his arms were around her. Next to her choice of groom and dress, a First Look was the best thing for her that day.

We made our way back to the site of their ceremony to meet the rest of the bridal party. And by "meet", I really mean just hang out with the bridal party. With our fancy cameras.
I don't normally edit in the vintage settings, but with sunflowers, brown suits and an October wedding, the majority of these photos were begging for it.
I love these women!
Becky wanted a "First Look" with her dad as well. This is one thing I really admired about Becky's train of thoughts on her big day. It was constantly family first, and I mean that in the best way possible. She gave lots of love to her sister, her mom and her dad at touchpoints as the day progressed. Both Becky & Zac honored their families and parents to the utmost throughout the entire day. Well done you guys! In the shot on the right, Russ is trying to rid Zac's mind of his Yankee fan mentality...:)
Becky & Zac also did a phenominal job picking their ring bearer and flower girl. They were so photogenic and cooperative! They even had some paparazzi of their own:

As Becky was crying through saying her vows, I couldn't help but think, "My girl's all grown up! She's entering into something glorious and fun, but also probably the most difficult relationship of her life." I've heard before that God didn't make marriage to make us happy, but to make us holy. Being made holy is something that stretches us to perfect us and it won't even be complete until we meet our Lord. Even though marriage can be difficult sometimes, I rested in the peace that Becky and Zac have a huge support system in their family members and our church family. I've experienced that support myself and it's such a comfort to know people won't let us fail!

My goal at this reception was to get a good n' solid shot of each of the toasts.

 Kaydee did a lovely job!

Becky & Zac-I wish you nothing but the best and I know God will richly bless your lives. Thank you for giving me the chance to document your day. I count it a privilege and honor to be your photographer, but first, being your friend. Blessings! --Carrie

Here's one more collage with other details from their day.