They met 6 years ago and Carrie made the choice to have a crush on someone. On John. Lucky him! She didn't make her crush openly known, but John is smart so he figured it out and while Carrie was going to classes at Iowa State, John started making trips to visit her "as a friend". Another thing that tells me that John is smart? He didn't want to start a relationship with Carrie until he had a J-O-B. YES!

They finally "made it official" and Carrie changed her route in life. She began her career in massage therapy in Des Moines and I would trust her with my back any day of the week. (And that's not just because we share the same name. :) )

Carrie organized a flawless day that was calm and relaxed. Dated exactly the same day John proposed. *insert collective "awwwww" here*. Everything about it said, "classy, elegant and smooth", just like the gorgeous swoop of her hair.

Her flowers were gorgeous for a fall, September wedding.
Their First Look was equally calm and smooth. Look at her gorgeous up-do!

I think John looks especially handsome and proud of his wife and the day she planned:

I photographed a different wedding at this same church last November and loved the steeple. I turned the corner to pull into the parking lot and still made the same gasp as last year-I love steeples.

As the thunder began, we shot the bridal party outside. Lightning made us move even faster, but God held off the rain until we were inside for the family portraits. I told the girls to think of hot chocolate to get their shoulders down and relaxed so they wouldn't look as cold as they felt in these pictures. The middle one is Carrie's sister-I told them "Give a kiss on the cheek" but didn't direct who to do what. So, they both turned their heads and if they had moved any faster would kissed each other square on the lips! I'll be more descriptive on directions next time. Sorry girls! But, it made for even better "laughter" shots anyway. Mission accomplished.
For extra elegance, Carrie's dress had an additional bustle to tie onto the back of the dress. Gorgeous!
There's nothing like having a woman at your back who has belives you are Superman.
After family portraits were done, we tucked Carrie away and we put some finishing touches on hair and make-up.
At this particular church, the wedding coordinators that work for the church turn all the foyer lights off and make Father/Daughter-about-to-walk-down-the-aisle pictures rather dicey. I feel very fortunate to have nailed this one: look at that proud Papa!
"Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church. . ." Check out Ephesians 5.
Everything in this photo is blurry except for Carrie. I love it! Calm and smooth in the midst of a huge emotional high.
Carrie and John's reception was held at the Blank Park Zoo. Weird to some, but it was actually really cool. They had the Jungle Room which has a wall of windows overlooking the arboretum full of gorgeous birds. The entire exhibit of exotic animals was open to guests until 8pm.

Here are more details from the day. On the ring shot, I generally try to get an image of them on the Bible with an appropriate verse. I found a section of a chapter entitled, "Grace Promised". I thought it was appropriate for entering marriage.
(click to enlarge)

Carrie, you made a choice 6 years ago. Loving your spouse is sometimes a choice, too, when a marriage hits a bumpy spot. I have no doubt that God has led you two into the right choice of each other. May He richly bless you and give you abundant grace to grant each other on your journey.
Carrie (the photographer, not the bride on this one!)