Every once in awhile, you meet a family where you can see a distinct family resemblance. Joel and Selena's family is such a group. The jawlines, the eyes, the smiles, so distinctly a combination of Joel and Selena that you would never mistake one of their's as belonging to someone else. It's a lot like Christ's love actually...as Christians, we should be living our lives so that we are distinct from others- made in His likeness. This family exudes that as well.

I couldn't recount their entire love story to you, but suffice it to say, that Joel and Selena started this wild ride together at Iowa State. Now, five children later, Joel is continuing in the position for which he was made-youth ministry-getting students pumped up about Jesus. Selena continues in her supportive role working behind the scenes, holding down the fort (as I call it). I asked tentatively from behind the camera if they were OK with showin' each other a little love and this is what happened...You know you have a good youth pastor on your hands when they're silly.

It reminded me that Selena was somewhat shy as Joel pursued her in college, if my memory serves me correctly, some things inherent in our personalities never change. ;) Sometimes, it feels really good to be pursued-I think Selena would agree:
Now to their adorable, wonderful children! We'll start with Bethany.
I looked around for Lydia, but she had stealthily snuck up the tree!
Then there's Gabe, our lone ranger boy besides Dad.
Then, we arrive at the main reason for the photo shoot-Helen and Evelyn. Helen already has maternal instincts and guides Evelyn along, cuddles with her and poses her for me. What a helper!
Evelyn sure can give a good scowl!
But she's also very good with smiles when her siblings are egging her on behind me!
Now the challenge-getting them all together and looking at me at the same time. Ready. Set. Go!
One for Joel's desk at the church: all his ladies...

Joel and Selena-thank you so much for allowing me a glimpse into your family. You have an absolutely beautiful bunch and I know you go with God's blessings. Keep doing what you're doing both in ministry and in your home-well done good and faithful servants!!

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