I'd walk across two lawns of grass to get to her front door and every summer, I'd knock on her front door quite often. Spending my summers in Iowa, Laura was my "go to" friend to watch a movie, go biking, or camp out in our front yard. Unfortunately, our front doors are no longer close to each other, but we definitely enjoy reading each others' blogs and Facebook pages to keep up with the others' life and our married adventures.

I have had the privilege of contributing to Laura and her friend Andrea's blog EverAfter Blueprint that is their way of inspiring us married folk with home improvement and decorating ideas, not to mention their hilarious stories of His + Hers.  Check out my humble contribution to their series on Front Doors with other questions about the humble Krupke obode.  Feel free to follow them whether you're married or not, because they have great ideas for everyone!

Thanks for allowing me to be a small part of your blog ladies!