Our laughter would echo and bounce from our respective pillows to the ceiling--Lauren on her bed and I on the air mattress on the floor next to her. Conversations would last late into the night ranging the span of topics on the hearts of all young twenty-somethings everywhere. Less than a year later, Lauren would marry and obviously, I and my air mattress were no longer necessary to help her talk about life's situations-that was now Shawn's job. Eventually, Nathan entered their lives and I had the privilege of photographing the cutie HERE & HERE. Now, Nathan has an equally adorable little brother to play with and wrestle.

Christian in is the phase of accumulating that ever cute baby fat that reminds me of the Michelin Man. Dimples abound!
I think Christian is ready to be a baby model, he struck this pose all on his own!

I love that even though Nathan may be about 2 years older, there's still a little bit of baby flexibility in him. . . just like Christian...
Lauren & Shawn-this is the third time I've photographed you and your little ones and they just keep getting more cute and more fun to be around. (You guys aren't too shabby yourselves ;) ) I'm so glad we've been able to stay in touch despite life changes and drastically different schedules. Many many blessings as your family grows up!
P.S. You can view the rest of their session HERE.