Amy caught Trey's eye during a Bible study, both being teachers, they had a foundation with which to start a conversation. That conversation continued in the days to come, covering all topics. One topic I doubt they thought they'd ever need to discuss is Cancer.

Amy had contacted me to do their wedding, but I hadn't heard from her in quite awhile to schedule a meeting. A little concerned, I emailed the mutual friend that had referred her. My jaw dropped as he responded that Amy and Trey had needed to discuss cancer. Breast cancer. Amy had found a suspicious lump and things moved rather rapidly after that. A lumpectomy over spring break and back to school shortly thereafter, Amy called me to schedule that long-awaited chat. Things were a "go". We had a wedding to discuss!

After our meeting, I knew Amy & Trey would be a pure joy to photograph. Their engagement shoot didn't dissappoint and that "C" word? It's being zapped with some good ol' radiation. Amy & Trey's love for each other is beyond "in sickness and in health"--it is filled with the grace of God and the servant's heart of Jesus. The joy in their eyes belies a trust in the Lord that bubbles over to the company they keep.  I'm merely a privileged bystander to this envelopment of love.
Trey & Amy were so trusting of me and willing to try new places with me. This picture below is literally on the side of highway and they took it so well in stride.
We found an opening to a gorgeous bike path and we hit the trail!
Not only was Amy willing to get up on a bike (in a skirt!) but they were both willing to go trapsing through the brush for some gorgeous lighting.
I had them go trapsing some more, got my setting right for the lighting change and this is what I looked up to see. They really didn't need much guidance in posing, now did they?
We finished our session at the lake near my home for the sunset lighting.
Amy & Trey-I can't wait for your wedding this month! Your heart for serving the other will reap so many benefits on the other side of the aisle. I pray for a complete healing, Amy, as you start your new lives together.
You can view the rest of their session HERE.

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