Online dating. Usually seen as someone's last desperate attempt at finding love right? Well, I wouldn't call Luke nor Nicole desperate, but their attempt at finding love definitely panned out nicely for them. God works in mysterious ways, and He can apparently work through an online match making service too. Nicole started up her profile at the encouragement of some close friends and found Luke's profile. He seemed legit, but Nicole still waited a few days before she would email him. Funny thing, he beat her to the punch. They had been looking at each other's profiles on. the. same. day.

God worked through their emails to each other too. They eventually agreed to meet at the largest (and best) fair on earth: the Iowa State Fair. A little nervous until she saw him, Nicole and Luke's eyes fixed on each other among the crowds of people and she thought, O it's you. And all was right in the world. 

If our session is any indication of how their wedding day will go, we will run ahead of schedule and Nicole will be way early to her own party. In another word: perfect. ;)
Nicole and Luke were so trusting of my seemingly typical poses. I think Luke once referred to them as "senior portrait poses". At least it got them to laugh and I got my candid images. Thank you very much Luke!
After using a new place along the side of the road in our first images, we headed over to Waterworks Park where all the trees were in bloom. The scent was heavenly and the looks I got out of these two were equally enjoyable.
In these next two shots, I asked Nicole to lower her hand down to Luke's bicep. Maybe she just found a ticklish spot...or maybe I made a "rawr" sound from behind the camera...I really can't remember. ;)

I think one of the best things about any couple is their ability to laugh. Laugh through difficult times, sad times, at each other, and the obvious joyful times. I think we had a joyful time next to this barn in Waterworks Park, or Nicole was laughing at one of Luke's jokes. This is the sign of a great relationship.
And Luke is able to laugh at Nicole's antics while giving me some "attitude".

We ended our session at the lake and though I totally blew out this shot, something about it makes me love it. They're in their own little world together-nothing else matters.
Luke & Nicole-thank you so much for trusting me with two new places where I've never shot before. That kind of trust is so appreciated and I can't wait for the next few weeks to go by until you trust each other with the rest of your lives. Best of luck in the final planning stages!

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