Amid the raindrops pitter-pattering on the sidewalk outside the salon, Amy was inside getting pampered. And boy, did she deserve it. Shoulders, neck, hands and arms massaged while her curls were setting, Amy relaxed in her chair and sighed.
It was finally here-her wedding day-and I'll whisper a little tidbit about Amy: She was officially cancer-free. I whisper it to you because it wasn't even mentioned throughout her day but for a moment in the toasts at lunch. "They weren't supposed to deal with "in sickness & health" until a long way down the road. But, this has definitely made their relationship with each other richer, and with God, deeper."

Amy arrived at the church in a flurry of activity, slipped on her dress and touched up make-up while Trey was getting ready in another part of the church. This is one reason why it's so helpful to have a team of two photographers cover a wedding-one can cover the groom and one, the bride-especially when in a slight time crunch!
Because of those pesky raindrops still falling outside, we dimmed the lights to make 9:30am look a little more dramatic and romantic for their First Look. If Trey's face is any indication of how wonderful a First Look can be...

Oh, how he cherishes her!
As we moved into family portraits, I found out that Trey's father would be his best man. I've never encountered that connection before, but it was so wonderful to have the bridal party be so intimately close to the couple. How fun! Plus, he seemed to be quite the chummy guy and who wouldn't want this kind of person standing up with them?
We tucked Amy away with a few minutes to spare before the ceremony was slated to begin. Friends and dearly loved family arrived and found their seats and these little ones made their way down the aisle right on cue.

Austin's view of the first kiss:

My perspective:
Mr. & Mrs.!!
Oh how I love sisters!!
Trey & Amy-what a blessing to be a part of your day; thank you for your trust in this endeavor. I pray nothing but health and God's grace for you both. I'm so glad to have teachers like you reaching out and affecting kids in a positive way. Keep it up and enjoy the rest of your relaxing summer!
PS You can view the remainder of their photos HERE.