Freedom to live the life we want to.
Freedom to travel as we please.
Freedom to talk about budget (yuck). But inherently then, freedom to earn a living.
Freedom to make changes.
Freedom to talk about dreams.
Freedom to dream.

We talked about dreams last Valentine's Day and tonight, briefly again, as we watched the sunset over the lake near our house. The sun made its descent quickly and the dock we sat on was slightly rocky, making me nervous (not to mention the conversation over budgeting...) But we resolved to alter some things in our life for the better and only time will tell God's blessings on our decisions. 

Sacrifices for the greater good.

Its one of the those things that if I think too long on the subject, I'll tear up and lose it. Our family on both sides has now had someone overseas in "The Sandbox" in differing capacities in just the last year(Eric flying over it and Jim now in it, not to mention members of our previous generations) and I can't fathom the sacrifice and toll it takes on their wives (my sister and Gerard's sister-in-law) and children. This past year has increasingly impressed on me the importance of The Family Unit and how it plays itself out for the good of our country.

And if I let my heart truly feel the weight of thanksgiving for these freedoms, I'd wake up tomorrow a bleary-eyed, reddened, pufferfish. And that's just our physical freedoms--don't even get me started on the freedoms we have in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Then, I'd be one gigantic hot mess and practically unrecognizable.

Take a moment and thank someone who has sacrificed for you, thank God, and celebrate our beautiful country.
Happy Independence Day.
"The Truth will set you free." John 8:33