So, to practice for our first wedding adventure together, Faith, her mom Becky, and I gathered in my backyard amid a ton of tree trimming debris. I loved not only working with Faith, hanging out with Becky, but I loved our results too!

In some photos, Faith pretended to be our "groom", in others, I pretended to be the "groom". Becky got to be the "bride" the whole afternoon. Lucky gal!

Here they are, unedited:
Can you see why Faith's favorite color is blue!?
Some remaining seedum in my yard...Becky made it look like it smelled so good, when really, I don't think it has that strong of a scent!
I showed Faith one of Becker's classic bride poses...
Then, I got to be the bride and Faith had to pose us:
Then we shot some practice details:
And this shot was a slight mistake, but I LOVE it!
Then, we did a senior shoot where Faith just posed me. I'll post those images later this week!